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>> matt: welcome to the world series postgame show on fox! at the end of this thrilling postseason, it's a four-game sweep in this 108th playing of the world series. for the giants their second championship since heading west. they won in 2010, they win in 2012. we will send it out to right center, matt
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vasgersian, eric karros, a.j. pierzynski, harold reynolds. glad you guys were with us. take it away. >> matt: joe, thanks. it strikes us, as i'm sure it did you, the giants were down 3-1 to the cardinals in the nlc is. and the giants were all but left for dead against the reds in the division series. they come back to beat the reds, and they not only come back to win the cardinals, they don't stop playing. >> harold: i think we witnessed one of the greatest runs in pro sports. they got hot and did not cool down. even the cool weather could in the slow them down. it was amazing, the run. >> eric: and it resolved around the pitching. it wasn't just one guy. usually in the past you see two guys get hot and carry a team. that was the whole staff. you look at cain and affeldt coming in and romo, a complete effort by the whole staff. >> romo has the best slidemer the history of the world because no one
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can hit it. you see cabrera go up there, slider slider, and everyone goes up there looking for it. he throws a fastball down the middle to the triple crown winner and location him up. sergio romo was unbelievable the whole season. >> harold: it looked like he was really on. the eighth inning when affeldt came in, gave up the walk and three strikeouts, and the next inning as well, he was the dominant player of the game. no doubt about it. >> matt: and that was the epitome of the tigers, the eighth inning. >> matt: our post-game is just beginning. the trophy ceremony is coming up. a happy group of giants going between the clubhouse and the field. not sure what to do with themselves at this point. but ken rosenthal is able it track down the guy who shut down the guy tonight for san francisco. standing by with sergio romo. kenny, take it away. >> ken: sergio, get the final out of the world series. you are emotional right now. what's going through your mind?
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>> feel very blessed. beyond blessed. these guys let me taking along for the ride. beyond blessed, for sure. >> ken: the last inning, obviously you have cabrera to end it. you have a difficult tigers lineup. a team that played much better tonight. what are you thinking out there on the mound? >> got to get the job done. they have relied on me and they have had confidence in me all year long to just do what i can do, just be me on the mound. these guys let me be myself. they don't hold me back. they give me the confidence i need and they have the faith in me. unreal. couldn't let anybody down, especially anybody wearing orange and black. >> there were ten thousand people watching at the san francisco civic center outside. anything you want to say to them? >> world champs, baby, world champs! we aren't alone, you guys deserve it as well. >> ken: congratulations. >> yeah, third-base coach tim flannery leading the champagne charge. the beered brian wilson is enjoying.
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this we are ready to send it down to the presentation of the commissioner's trophy. erin andrews, take it away. >> congratulations to the san francisco giants. joining me the commissioner of major league baseball, mr. bud selig. the president and ceo, baird, and bruce bochy. here to present the trophy, mr. bud selig. >> thank you, erin. congratulations, seventh world championship for the giants, second in three years. getting used to this now. you had a remarkable postseason. you kept coming back, coming back. remarkable world series. so bruce, brian, larry, congratulations on behalf of major league baseball to you. you are a marvelous club and all the fans of the san francisco giants. congratulations. >> commissioner, thanks so much. larry, we talked about this when we had your last trophy ceremony.
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what kind of adversity this team came back from being down. what about the fact that they were able to just sweep the detroit tigers? >> well, it was incredible, erin. i think there was a lot of life lessons learned by the odyssey of the 2012 giants. we overcame a lot of challenges and adversity during the year and six elimination games. we learned never to give up. they have incredible heart and the fans of san francisco behind them and there are no better fans in the world. it was very heartwarming 2012. >> there was actually 10,000 of them right now 2nd convention center screaming their heads off. brian sabean, when you talk to the players on the giants roster, they say the reason wry we have the attitude we do and the way he act the way we do is because bruce bochy is able to push the right buttons. what do you have to say about your coach this year? >> they respect the team and the they compete.
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they took it to level. we won 94 games the regular season. beat two worthy opponents to get here. detroit probably didn't know what they were in for. but our guys had a date with history. >> thanks so much. boch, come over. i won't make you compare the two world series teams. congratulations to you. but what made this group so special to you? >> what made them so special, it was such an unselfish group. they just loved each other and they played for each other and the fans. they had a never-say-die attitude. i had some good clubs, but just the way they set aside their own agenda and what's best for the club. we put them in different roles and they never said anything, never mind. they just wanted to win." and it makes it a lot easier for a manager when you have a group like this. it's amazing what a group of guys that play as a team can accomplish. >> finally, boch, we showed throughout the broadcast those 10,000 san francisco giants fans waiting for you guys back home.
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do you have a message for everybody back there? they thank them so much. they play such a critical role in our success. we are sold out every game and how they came out for the postseason. these guys feed off of that. thank all of you. it's so nice, even when you are traveling on the road to have the fans that we get. >> congratulations to all of you. second world series this three years. congratulations. >> i will present it officially to larry baird and the organization. congratulations. >> thank you, and thank you to the organization and the the owners of the giants. they are an amazing, amazing culture we have. and we are going to be very appreciative of this and savor the work everybody has done and our fan support. let's send it back to you. >> matt: aaron, thanks. the san francisco giants won the n.l. pennant and in the driving rain and they won the world series in the driving mist. the celebration
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necessary the clubhouse. the champagne tastes as good regardless whether it is on the road or home. the folks back home at san francisco civic center and throughout the bay area are celebrating the giants 2012 world series championship. ryan vogelsong, 3-0 this postseason. his work ethic epitomizes the 20 is it 11 giants. we are back with the presentation of the mvp trophy. more celebration scenes are next. come on, kid. i'm drew brees. and i'm harry. who? from one direction. platinum album. dudes. won the super bowl. on the cover. mvp. oh, yeah? [ girls screaming ] yeah. [ crowd cheering ] if you give him the pepsi, you can be in the band. really? ♪ and never, never, never stop for anyone ♪ ♪ tonight let's get some ♪ and live while we're young ♪ ♪ tonight let's get some when we got married. i had three kids.
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and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. [ man ] there it goes -- a long drive! if it stays fair, home run! [ male announcer ] there are some baseball moments you just never forget. [ man #2 ] we have a big 3-2 pitch coming here. swings, and a fly ball to deep right field! this is gonna be a home run! unbelievable! [ male announcer ] chevrolet is proud to be the official vehicle of major league baseball and equally proud to be building the next generation of memories. from backyards to the big leagues, chevy runs deep. bye! bye girls, love you.
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daddy, we made you a video for your trip! yeah, watch it on the airplane! ok here you go. aw, thanks girls. yeah hey. i also made you a video. aw, that's so sweet. you probably shouldn't watch it on the plane. say bye to daddy! bye girls! bye! vo: share videos instantly on the samsung galaxy s3. amber, brown and black. exclusively on verizon. >> matt: welcome back to the chevrolet postgame show on fox. the san francisco giants are world series champs. a 4-3 win in the deciding game four. they finished the tigers in a four-game sweep. we are ready for the presentation of the world series mvp trophy, and we send it back to erin andrews on the field. erin. >> matt, thanks so much. i will have the
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commissioner, mr. bud selig, present the most valuable player trophy. >> thank you, erin. pablo, you had a wonderful world series. nobody will ever forget your three home run performance in game one. your work in the playoffs has been tremendous. here you are, two world championships in three years at age 26. congratulations. marvelous, marvelous world series. congratulations! [applause] >> congratulations. pablo, before we do this, i will introduce right now mr. mark royce, the general motors president. >> pablo, i just wanted to say a sincere thank you from chevrolet, the official vehicle of baseball. as a result of your great efforts we have the pleasure of offering you the choice of where we would like to creater young people in a city and place of your choice. chevrolet will do that for you. and we also like to present you with new
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2013 427 corvette convertible, 505-horsepower. there it is right there. and i also wanted to say thank you from the city of detroit, chevrolet and general motors. a sincere thanks to san francisco. you guys did a great job at the series and you under turned it around with all your efforts. thank you very much and enjoy your car. >> let's get your reaction again. when we saw the car on the monitor, what do you have to say about that? >> hard work. it all depends on hard work in your career. you have to work to be here. a great moment. you never going to forget. >> and we talked about this, actually, just as you came up. there are the keys. not bad. >> not bad, not bad. >> we talked about you didn't get to play much of a part in the 2010 world series championship. you have three home runs in game one and now you are here with the mvp trophy. put it into words for
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me. >> with all the things happen, i just -- i just wait for the moment again. we be here in 2012 and we put together a team. 162 games to be here. six games back, so we work hard to enjoy this moment, you know. you learn and you have to work. >> of a game one when you hit the three home runs, you shared that your mother teched you, don't wake up, keep dreaming like this. what do you think that phone is going to say? what text message is she going to southbound you. >> wake up now. in a moment like that your mom always support you. part of your life. for her i want to be here. this is for all my family, my daughter. it's part of my life. >> we know she's back home at a barbecue watching this getting emotional. congratulations. matt, let's send it back to you. >> it will be one happy panda bear driving around the embarcadero.
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the three home runs in game run set the tone for the giants in the 108th fall classic. the champagne is being poured and that never gets old. ken rosenthal is down there somewhere standing by with hunter pence. ken. >> ken: hunter, you just put on a world championship t-shirt. there were times i'm sure you do youd that would be possible. what made the team so special in the playoffs? >> for one we didn't allow doubt to ever creep in. you know, the thing that made this team so special is just playing as a team, caring for each other. you know, we had our backs against the wall. we knew it wasn't going to be easy. it's not supposed to be. that was one of our mottos. we went out there to enjoy every minute of it. it was hard-send and just incredible,

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